Pennsylvania Opioid Prevention Project

The PA Opioid Prevention Project is a youth-developed, multi-media opioid misuse prevention campaign to empower youth with education, knowledge and resources to make healthy choices. The campaign’s tagline, “It’s your move,” invites teens and parents to learn more about opioid misuse and promote prevention, safety and wellness in their communities.


As you explore our website and the educational toolkit for schools and communities, we invite you to share your newly gained knowledge with your social media follows. Spreading the word saves lives!


Download the toolkit or use the image files on your social handles below to get started with doing your part to prevent opioid use in Pennsylvania.



paopp toolkit SM thumb pillbottle 

Do you actually know what’s in that pill? >> Download


paopp toolkit SM thumb cabinet

Don’t get trapped in something you can’t get out of. >> Download


paopp toolkit SM thumb chillpill 

Stressed? Don’t take a pill to #chill. >> Download


paopp toolkit SM thumb mask 

DYK that 75% of teens who misuse prescription painkillers get them from friends and family not doctors? >> Download


paopp toolkit SM thumb DYK 

Learn more facts about #opioids and the #opioidepidemic at! >> Download