Pennsylvania Opioid Prevention Project


PHMC recruited young people (ages 14-18) from all across Pennsylvania as the PA Youth First committee who received education on the issues and solutions around the opioid epidemic. The committee worked on bringing positive change in the community and its peers through a prevention multi-media campaign. The youth were involved in all aspects of campaign development and dissemination including the name of the project, logo, brand colors, tagline, tone of the communication, ads for youth and concepts for the youth videos. The boys and girls believe that empowering them with knowledge and education helped them bring out relevant issues surrounding this epidemic, think about positive change and immediate actions to curtail this epidemic. Similarly, they want to educate their peers and friends so that they make the right choice and adopt healthy coping skills when confronting issues in their life. The campaign used a powerful, straightforward, “tell-it-like-it-is” tone and style in the ads and videos with a strong call to action.


We’d like to thank them for their passion, their curiosity and the energy to develop this campaign and become ambassadors for prevention, intervention and treatment.


Morgan Alston

Morgan Alston

Jayla Baxter

Jayla Baxter

Ahzarria Coleman

Ahzarria Coleman


“No matter how big or small you are or how shy or outgoing you are, you can always make an impact on an individual or a group. This program has helped me become not just a better person but a better leader. I’ll definitely use these skills in college and to help society.” - Morgan Alston


sydney images

Sydney Grimes

Derrick Lee

Derrick Lee

Naim Lee

Naim Lee


“I didn’t know how dangerous and addictive [opioids] can be.” -Zar Coleman


evelyn paopp

Evelyn Moses

rasheeda paopp

Rasheeda Muhammad

jada paopp

Jada Rasulallah


“Opioids can tear families apart and bring them together.” - Rayna Winston


jasmine paopp

Jasmine Rasulallah

nicholas paopp

Nicholas Robbins

elijah images

Elijah Wesley


“This project has changed me because… I enjoyed how I got to share my experience with
opioid. I didn’t know how addicting [opioid] can be and hard it can be to stop [using].” - Naim Lee


rayna paopp

Rayna Winston

azaria images

Azaria Roberts

gianna paopp

Gianna Zupan

“I didn’t know that percocets were opioids.” -Jayla Baxter
“This program taught me that small people can make a big change in the world.” -Elijah Wesley